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Welcome to the website for the Joliet Region Model 'A' Restorer's Club (MARC).  MARC is a national organization devoted to the restoration and enjoyment of the Ford Model 'A'.  Ford Motor Company produced approximately 5 Million of these vehicles between 1928 and 1931.

Joliet Region MARC organizes many tours throughout the year (See our "Club Events" page above), which gives our members plenty of opportunities to enjoy motoring along in their historic vehicles (or sometimes in their modern cars).

Our members range from the expert, capable of any level of mechanical repair or restoration, to the weekend driver with little desire to get his or her hands dirty, to the person who does not own a Model A but has an interest in the hobby.

Our club is a great resource for vintage recreation, technical information, mechanical troubleshooting, and for buying/selling a vehicle.  If you have an interest in the Model 'A' hobby, please join us at one of our monthly meetings, which are normally (pre-COVID) held at 7pm in the Joliet Junior College auto shop on the first Wednesday of each month. Until COVID is completely behind us, please  E-MAIL US for up-to-date information on club meetings or call club president Ron Clausing at (708) 932-2966.

GUESTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT OUR MEETINGS!   For directions, click on the "Club Meetings" link above.


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